Quality Meat Products

Harmony Farm

Our delicious steaks are sourced from one supplier in Ireland.

They are guaranteed tender and full of flavour thanks to the unique hanging process to increase the natural breakdown of muscle fibres in each carcass prior to de-boning. Harmony Farm operates the highest animal welfare standards and sources its grass fed beef from carefully selected farms who share their values.



Our Pork is sourced from a third generation family farm in Inverness shire.

The sows are a mixture of Large White, Landrace and Duroc and are bred for the flavour and succulence of the meat. All pigs farrow and live outdoors with access to straw filled huts for shelter. They are fed on a diet of home-grown barley. Our pigs have a high quality of life and are able to act naturally by building nests, rooting, wallowing and foraging. At the end of their life, they have minimal distance to travel.


Aberdeen Angus Beef

Our Aberdeen Angus beef comes to you from specialist family farms in the Highlands of Scotland.

You will find no better roasting joints than our dry aged ribs or sirloin. Just right for that special occasion – so plan ahead! We require four weeks’ notice to ensure your beef is aged to perfection.

Award winning sausages

Ibbitson's are proud to have received star ratings for our sausages in the Great Taste Awards 2014 and Gold and Silver in the BPEX Awards.

Our promise

We pride ourselves on customer service and delivering the highest quality products direct to your door.

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, we regret we are unable to accept any orders on this website as we cannot offer our full range of products at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience.

However, we are currently offering a free home delivery service within a five mile radius of Sunderland town centre for orders of £20 or more. Orders can be placed by calling the shop - 0191 567 4340 by email to or at You can also contact us via our Facebook page - Ibbitsons of Sunderland -

Our shop in Jacky White’s Market remains open for business and a call and collect service is also available.