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Great Taste Awards, Ibbitson’s quality wins again!

Posted on 2nd August, 2018

We’re absolutely delighted to announce two more Great Taste Awards!

We thought our delicious Anglo Italian sausage deserved more than one star and this year it seems the judges agreed with us! We are now the proud owners of a two star award for our favourite sausage. Here’s what the judges said:

“A plump succulent sausage. The aroma is wonderful, really enticing. The texture is meaty and gives a satisfying mouth-feel. The flavour of the pork comes through wonderfully and we really like the balance of herbs. There is a lovely warmth from the herbs and spices at the end of the palate. The salt level is just right. This is a really satisfying sausage.”

We also submitted our outdoor reared pork belly and were delighted to receive a one star award:

“The aroma, texture and flavour of the lean meat and fat were very sound. The crackling was actually quite flavoursome. ‘You can taste the free range difference’ said one judge. A very pleasing belly joint.”

This month we’re giving you the chance to try them for yourselves, buy some Anglo Italian sausages and a joint of pork belly and receive a 10% discount with the following code – GT2018!

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